Expedite EBA pillar 3 ESG disclosures reporting

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our ready-made tools providing emissions data on companies in your banking book and calculating the carbon footprint of your SME clients.

Starting from 2023, banks are required to report according to EBA pillar 3 ESG disclosure requirements

Challenges lie ahead

Lehti provides you with tools to stay ahead

Portfolio carbon footprinting

Lehti aggregates reported emissions to provide you with the widest coverage of reliable data and performs portfolio carbon footprint analysis on companies in your banking book (incl. your exposure to the top 20 most carbon-intensive firms).

Bank dashboard with carbon footprint data of companies

SME carbon footprint data collection & calculation

Lehti makes the data collection process smooth for your SME clients with a purpose-made tool minimizing the need for manual input by leveraging partial automation to calculate their carbon footprint after filling our a simple form.

Data collection form for SME

Why Lehti

EBA pillar 3 ESG disclosures reporting made easy

Widest coverage of reliable reported data and industry-standard calculation methodology eliminates reputational risk

Purpose-made tools ready for reporting according to EBA pillar 3 ESG disclosure requirements

Lightweight data collection makes carbon footprint calculation easy for SMEs and provides value without placing a burden on your clients

Unlock new opportunities

Implement your climate goals and empower your clients' transition towards a greener future

Use the data to navigate towards your net-zero targets and to help your SME clients become more sustainable

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