Empower truly sustainable investing

Provide your customers with a reliable carbon footprint of their investments & personalized ESG flags, enable them to understand their impact and take action with our ready-to-integrate API-based solution.

Your customers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, however:

Take the lead in sustainability

We go beyond labels; enabling your customers to take action

Create value for your users by empowering them to invest without compromising their values. Lehti helps you position yourself to cater to the growing environmentally conscious segment and differentiate from the market.

Accurately evaluating sustainability of investments

Lehti calculates the carbon footprint of all investments in a user portfolio based on Scope 1 & 2 emissions to show how green their investments really are.

Carbon Footprint Chart

ESG flagging to add another dimension to users decisions

Lehti’s proprietary algorithm flags potential ESG-related issues, empowering investors to make decisions aligned with their values and preferences.

Investments list with ESG flags

Improve user experience

Giving clear equivalents

Provide a smooth user experience by making the footprint easy to understand with tangible equivalents.

Example visualizations of clear equivalents

Grow your revenue

Greener alternatives & offsetting

Lehti can suggest similar investment opportunities with a lower carbon footprint. Integrated offsetting is another way of enabling your users to take action.

Why Lehti

Become the go-to place for environmentally conscious investors

Drive additional revenue by cross and up selling sustainable investment products that are already on your platform.

Differentiate by offering more actionable ESG information than competitors as well as ways to mitigate the impact.

Improve customer understanding by learning more about their portfolios and sustainability preferences.

How we get our data

CDP logo

We get the scope 1 & 2 emissions data from our data partner CDP


ESG flagging based on our own proprietary algorithms

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Financial data obtained from Yahoo Finance

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